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Baisine’s Quality Control Commitment.
Ensuring long term quality and reliability is the foundation of customer satisfaction. We understand that without strict adherence to quality standards, you simply can't compete. Baisine’s 5-Step Quality Control Protocol detail as follows:

1. Inbound performance test
All components are thoroughly tested before any parts go to the production floor for manufacturing.

2. 100% post test printing
After a cartridge is produced, it is post-tested by printing test pages. Those prints are then compared when they go to the QC Loop

3. QC loop
This consists of visual modeling and reviewing of test pages and critical parts. Each cartridge has a bar code that is scanned. This scan provides information on parts, components, test prints, and the production team responsible. This allows complete quality tracking and accountability.

4. Packing
Before the cartridge is packaged, the test prints are compared again to make sure that there are no defects in printing or continuity. If there are discrepancies, the cartridge is reworked and sent back through from the beginning. It does not go through the packaging process.

5. Post pack analysis
Baisine randomly selects packaged finished product from inventory and performs life testing through a series of test prints (A life test is when the cartridge is used to exhaustion).