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Baisine warrants our compatible imaging supplies to be free from defects in both material and workmanship. At our option, Baisine will replace the item and/or refund the full purchase price of any item found to be defective.

All cartridges are covered by a 100% manufacturer’s warranty. Our cartridges are guaranteed to be free from defects from the date of manufacture for a period of 1.5 years.
In addition, we further warrant that our products will not cause damage, deterioration or abnormal wear in any compatible machine for which it was originally designed. This warranty covers all equipment used within the manufacturer's specifications and does not include acts of God or nature.

If a defect in any Baisine product is found to be the sole cause of damage to any equipment, Baisine will reimburse the customer for a complete repair. This warranty is dependent upon the customer providing Baisine with satisfactory evidence that the damage was due to a defect in an Baisine product. All claims must be accompanied with an invoice from the authorized service company that performed the repair. The invoice must clearly indicate the specifics of the repair along with contact information of the field service technician that was dispatched.