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With our efficient global supplier chain, our toner cartridges are produced with materials only from famous suppliers in the industry. From the materials inspection, to the strict quality control in the production, each product will get through over 10 different inspections, which ensure reliable quality and the low defect rate as low as 1%Strong R&D enables us to develop at least 5 new toner cartridges. Now BAISINE provide over 500 different toner cartridges.
BAISINE No. OEM No. Suitable Printer Model Color
BD525BK/C/M/Y CT202253/54/55/56 Dell E525W
BD5110BK/C/M/Y 593-10121/19/25/23 Dell 5110CN
BD5100BK/C/M/Y 593-10054/51/52/53 Dell 5100CN
BD3130BK/C/M/Y 593-10289/90/92/91 Dell 3130CN
BD3100BK/C/M/Y 593-10067/61/62/63 Dell 3100CN
BD3010BK/C/M/Y 593-10154/55/57/56 Dell 3010CN
BD2150BK/C/M/Y 331-0719/16/17/18 Dell 2150CN,2150CDN,2155CN,2155CDN
BD2130BK/C/M/Y 593-10312/13/15/14 Dell 2130CN, 2135CN
BD1760BKC/M/Y 593-11140/41/42/43 Dell C1760nw/ C1765nf/ C1765nfw
BD1230BK/C/M/Y 593-10493/94/95/96 Dell 1230C, 1235CN
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